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Gaya Simulations Vienna (LOWW) Full Feature List and Previews

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Gaya Simulations have shared on their forums the full feature list of their upcoming Vienna Airport (LOWW) and a feature list.

The entire airport has received extensive care, especially the terminal. According to the team, the developers were helped by some of the airport staff. The team has applied new rendering techniques for 3D modeling and ground texturing. The vicinity of the airport has also been worked upon, with offices areas around the airports, animated trains and the oil refinery next to the airport also rendered.

The Gaya Simulations Vienna Airport seems to be very close for release now. Make sure to stay tuned to FSElite further news regarding this scenery.

Feature List

  • Authentic and complete rendition of Vienna Schwechat Airport in its current state including the extension of Bravo cargo parking
  • Highly detailed 3D modelling of all buildings, with interior modelling in the main terminal
  • Superb quality texturing and PBR usage for most buildings and assets across the airport
  • Realistic and custom made ground service vehicles including pushback trucks, service and Vienna Airport specific taxis and buses.
  • Completely custom groundwork with high-quality and accurate signage and markings.
  • Animated 3D people at various parking stands (can be controlled via the control panel)
  • Seasonal variation covering all types of weather including hard winter
  • Full integration with SODE jetways including VGDS 
  • Custom made and optional static aircraft throughout bringing the airport to life
  • Superb modelling outside of the airport including realistic hotels, Petrochemie Danubia and even animated trains
  • Precise parking positions for airlines in their correct real-world gate assignment based on current data
  • Perfectly blends with Orbx Global, openLC Europe, Austria Professional and others for a seamless experience.
  • Developed with close assistance from real world pilots, airport workers and staff for incredible authenticity
  • Created by Gaya Simulations (makers of the smash hit Kos Airport)
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Orbx Shares San Jose Airport (KSJC) Renders

Orbx Ed Correia has shared on the Orbx forums some renders of their upcoming San Jose International Airport (KSJC). These previews show the modeling and texturing of the terminals, which have yet to be shown in game. The Orbx San Jose Airport was first teased this month along with Palm Beach. John Venema, CEO of Orbx, further added in the
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29Palms Mykonos Previews and Details

Developer 29Plams Scenery Design has been rather quiet in recent times but the team has today shared all-new previews for their Mykonos Airport for Prepar3D. The airport is being developed in conjunction with Emmanuel Stefanakis (developer of Chania) and is currently on approach to simmer's PCs. Whilst it's not close to release yet, the team said they are making good
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Bad Weather 1920

Challenge of the Day: Bad Weather

As the world continues to pull through as a global community against the pandemic known as Coronavirus, we are supporting simmers across the world with our newly released Stay at Home Community Hub. As part of that, we are challenging simmers around the globe to a series of challenges and share their best screenshots of those daily challenges. Each day, we
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Tbpb Barbados (4)

Imaginesim TBPB Barbados Now Available for Prepar3D

After months of teasers and the recent trailer, developers Imaginesim has released TBPB Barbados for Prepar3D V4. The airport in the Caribbean sees plenty of flights to multiple destinations in the region, across the United States and Europe. Various airlines such as Condor, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, WestJet and American Airlines all serve to provide people with a variety of
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iniBuilds Weekly Recap – March 27th

We hope you are staying safe during these difficult times. Use the time at home to check out this week's releases! Dynamic Lighting Aerosoft Berlin Schonefeld Simware Valencia ACO Kaohsiung Liveries Alaska Airlines PMDG NGXu 737-800 'Boeing House' (N512AS) Norwegian Air Shuttle PMDG NGXu 737-800 'Unicef' (LN-NGE) KLM feelThere E190 v3 (PH-EZF) KLM feelThere E190 v3 (PH-EZS) KLM feelThere E190
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Prealsoft Announces HD Cities: Vienna for FSX and P3D

Prealsoft Vienna Hd Cities Fsx P3d (1)

Developer Prealsoft has announced they they are developing HD Cities: Vienna for FSX and P3D. The new city package is a photoreal rendition of the city in high-definition 25cm/pixel imagery.

The scenery package will include ground textures in HD both day and night, along with seasonal variation. Furthermore, the 3D buildings are injected over the photoreal scenery for an immersive effect as you fly over the European city.

What’s more, the package will also be compatible with Vienna Airport add-ons. It’s unclear at this time if that includes the upcoming Gaya Simulation’s version of the airport.

Once we know of a release, we’ll let you know.


  • Photoreal rendition of the city of Vienna in high definition 25cm/pixel
  • Ground textures in HD day & night
  • Seasonal Textures (Winter/Summer)
  • Autogen (buildings/trees) covering all the city area
  • 3D customized buildings
  • Misc objects
  • 3D streets lights on the main roads and streets of the city (For FTX Global users)
  • Compatible with Vienna Airport LOWW Add-ons
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Windsock Simulations Ibiza (6)

Aerosoft / Windsock Simulations Ibiza Final Previews Before Release

Windsock Simulations announced that they are hard at work converting the SimWings/Aerosoft Ibiza Airport to X-Plane 11. Since then, the team has been somewhat quiet, but earlier today, the team shared what they regard as the final previews before the release. The new previews highlight the modelling work with terminal buildings, the ground clutter surrounding the airport and impressive texture
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Imaginesim Barbados Official Prepar3D V4 Trailer HD

Imageinesim Barbados Video Trailer

Imageinsim has shared the release trailer for Barbados (TBPB). The airport, coming soon to Prepar3D, has been developed specifically for the platform taking advantage of the latest techniques. From the new trailer, we can see applications or PBR material, animated traffic and animated 3D people scattered around the airport. Barbados' Grantly Adams International Airport, sees airliners from across the world
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Microsoft Flight Sim Update 3 26 (3)

Microsoft Flight Simulator Update – Multiplayer, Development Roadmap, and more

Watch our breakdown video now: == Original Article == Microsoft has updated their regular blog website, and this update includes the Feature Discovery Series on Multiplayer, a new development roadmap, an update on the alpha, and more. Feature Discovery Series Starting with the feature discovery series episode, this episode covered multiplayer and how it would be implemented into the
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Orbx 1920

Challenge of the Day: Orbx Airports (Prizes Available)

As the world continues to pull through as a global community against the pandemic known as Coronavirus, we are supporting simmers across the world with our newly released Stay at Home Community Hub. As part of that, we are challenging simmers around the globe to a series of challenges and share their best screenshots of those daily challenges. Each day, we
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Orbx OpenLC Africa Cape Town (6)

Orbx openLC Africa Released for Prepar3D and FSX

It has seemed like forever since the initial announcement, but Orbx has released the next package in their openLC range. Following on from Europe, North America and South America comes openLC Africa. This new openLC region covers over 30 million KM square spanning from the likes of Cape Town and Port Elizabeth in South Africa to Cairo in Eygpt and
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Orbx openLC Africa Final Previews Before Release

Orbx Open Lc Africa Final (4)

Orbx’s Iain Emms has shared his “final previews for the anticipated openLC Africa. This is a region flight sim community members have anticipated for a long time and it’s almost here.

Yesterday, a few other previews were shared from around Cape Town, Namibia and Madagascar. Today’s previews are more general and just give a sense of the product itself.

Once we have further information on features, pricing and other final details, we’ll let you know.

You can see the full topic on the Orbx forums.

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Unknown (2)

Magknight Shares New 787 Previews

Developers Magknight has shared some new 787 previews via their Discord server. The new previews are renders of the cockpit, but lack much of the 3D modelling for various components. This is very much just an indication of where the team are currently with the development of the cockpit redesign. In addition to the new cockpit renders, a few other
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Torque Sim Bn 1 Islander (4)

TorqueSim Updates Development Blog for the Islander BN-2

TorqueSim announced that the Islander BN-2 is coming to X-Plane just a little over two weeks ago. Since then, the team has continued to develop the aircraft and now wants to share some additional details with the community. This week's blog post focuses on the interior and panel, along with a new livery. The new interior shots preview the efforts
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Aerodesign Kcmh (3)

AeroDesign Updates John Glenn Columbus International Airport (KCMH) to v1.2

Scenery developers AeroDesign has updated their John Glenn Columbus International Airport to v1.2. The new update, which is now available on both simMarket and, focuses heavily on performance and also the inclusion of a vastly improved textured and modelled terminal building. The new update, as discussed by the developers on the X-Plane forums, sees the terminal building having "been completely
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